A brand new syntax for testing your website like a human being.

We created the most intuitive testing language that can be easily used with no programming and no special skills.
Documentation can be found on GitHub.

Create,run and manage tests easily!



  • • Up to 5 minutes per test
  • • Up to 5 saved tests
  • • Saved for 1 week
  • • No manual saves
  • • No webhooks
  • • No schedules
  • • Low quality screenshots
  • Email support

  • Free


  • • Up to 24 hours per test
  • • Unlimited saved tests
  • • Saved for 3 monthes
  • • Save tests forever
  • • Webhooks
  • • Schedules
  • • HD screenshots
  • Email & phone Support

  • For the first 100 - $1 per test
  • Then up to 10,000 - $0.5 per test
  • And for the rest - $0.25 per test

We run on Everything!

Google Chrome
We integrate with Jenkins and your CI/CD pipeline!

Cool Features

Our code is the best !!!

Human Readable

Simple syntax

Super simple testing language,
using the YAML standart
that anyone can write in any editor.

We are very cheap

Pay as you test

Very cheap

Maximum $1 per test.
Volume based pricing (more).
* You'll signigicantly decrease your spendings on supporting your complex environments and even more complex scripts (been there).

We integrate with everything!


Make it part of your CI/CD

Tests start with a simple POST request providing the test's UUID and ends with a JUnit report. So as long it works with CURL, it's integratable with anything, like Ansible, Jenkins, GitLab, Jira and any other CI/CD tool, service or pipeline.
* We also have a Jenkins plugin.

Our environments are isolated.

Isolated Env.

Security is always #1

Each test runs in a private container.
Once a test ends, its container immediatly terminates.

We go through any firewall.

Proxy Friendly

We go through any wall

Using ngrok you can bypass any firewall or proxy without hacking anything by using ngrok's url instead of the internal address, as long as you have access to the internet.
* For on-prem installations contact us.

We have a nice dashboard.


See what you test

We're constantly updating & improving our App's dashborad. Where you can create, edit, run and manage your tests. You can also import & export them.

Get our new Google chrome extension
for easily recording your test!


rate & cron

Scheduled tests

Run tests on time

First we are adding the ability to run tests under a schedule for PRO users.

Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno

& One for all

And all for one

Next, we'll add the ability to include a native Android and iOS environments. This'll give you the ability to run one simple script that tests all the desired devices at once.

We integrate with everything!


Helping you help yourself

Afterward we plan on writing a Google Chrome extension that'll help you record your scripts and a Jira plugin that'll help you test your code before even submiting it.

Ready to go?

Start testing your website or ask for features, never compromise!